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4-5 Devonshire Square
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In Tapa Tapas, we married the idea of Classic Style Tapas with Global flavours.

Drawing  inspiration from Mediterranean Culture, as well as experimenting & bringing in  flavours from all over the world, ceating our unique fusion of Meze and Tapa style dishes.


At the heart of Tapa Tapas concept is sharing your food with friends and loved ones.

After all, sharing is caring and our most memorable moments are about that.


Look, we love food at Tapa Tapas, which means we are forever experimenting with new ideas.

If you head over to our FB/Insta page (links at top of this page), you can find new and latest specials.

Oh, and if you REALLY want to see your favourite dish in Tapa Style, let us know here – if we like and use it, it is yours for FREE on your next visit.

From The Flames – Beef Rib £15.95

Slow Cooked marinated beef with sweet potato fries and homemade lime and coriander slaw with a choice of Peri Peri Honey, Homemade Tennessee glaze or Frank’s Hot Sauce


Mixed Snack

Fancy A Burger


Our burgers are served on a toasted brioche bun with tomato, rocket, gherkin, onion served with slaw & a choice of fries or salad.

Chicken Burger £9.95

Chargrilled chicken breast in Tapa Tapas marinade

100% Prime  £8.95

100% Prime rib and chuck beef patty from our local farm in Rye

Veggie’s £7.95

Grilled Tapa Tapas seasoned peppers, 3 mushroom & halloumi

3 Mini Slider Burgers £7.95

3 mini beef patties: 
1 with classic cheese, fried onion & burger sauce
1 with peri peri pulled pork
1 with chorizo, rocket & gherkin

Burger Toppings

Monterey Jack Cheese, Caramelised Onion, Streaky Smoked Bacon, Jalapeños £1.00

  //  Emmental Cheese, Chorizo, Halloumi £1.80

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Going Local 

We are also passionate about local economy.

All of our meats and vegetables are now locally sourced.

Our premises serve as a display gallery for local photographers and artists from Bexhill – come and see some of their amazing work.

We’re Looking Forward To Seeing You